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How a lock company unlocked leads & loyalty with one simple service.

This brand created an Offline Cookie to funnel their real world clients into their digital data base while giving great value and experiences along the way.


I live in Utopia, Earth, in the flat, sunny, small beachfront city of Tel-Aviv.

The best way to get around here is on a bicycle, everything is a bike ride away: work, friends, school, beaches, bars, etc...

Recently I lost my bike lock’s key and I became very unnerved, because even though I had a spare key, I was only one key away from being locked out of my treasured vehicle. I now had to rapidly duplicate my only remaining key, but, as it turns out... I couldn't. I happen to own a Kryptonite bike lock, which is considered quite a good one, and as a safety measure their keys can not be duplicated.

This would be a great time to point out I have no affiliation with Kryptonite, I am just a fan.

So, I log into Kryptonite’s website where I discover not only a service called 'Key Safe Program' which let’s me order a set of spare keys for free, but also a company that seems to know their customer base, their marketing eco-system, and a thing or two about good products and service.

What's so great great about this service apart from the obvious fact they give you a spare set of keys for free and how does it help Kryptonite?

1. Customer Value

As explained above, they’ve managed to tap into their customers' real pain points. I was looking for a fast, convenient way to duplicate my keys and I found it easily and for free on their website. The keys arrived in my little corner of the world via courier all the way from grand 'ol USA in under 3 days and I was satisfied, leaving me loving the brand I just engaged with.

2. Loyalty

I might be simple to please but I love great service and Kryptonite took care of me when I needed them most. I feel we have a connection, they understand me and if anytime in the future I will seek a new lock I will check out Kryptonite's products first, yes their locks are great, Im sure others are too, but we're homies now, we have history together.

3. Referral

Referrals are the best. Nothing beats a friend saying: 'You have to buy this thing that I got, it’s great, the service is great, I love it, it does this, it gives you that... it’s just awesome'. Kryptonite made me an advocate. I was so impressed with the ease and speed of this service that I talked about it with my friends, family, neighbours, fellow bikers. I presented this case in lectures and among my peers in marketing and advertising circles and, even now... I am posting about it here, to you...

4. Lead Generation

Lastly, and probably most importantly for the brand, is the ability to create a direct channel of communication with their customers. Kryptonite, like many other brands, sell their products mainly via resellers to end customers. This means they do not, for the most part, have direct contact with their consumers, they do not track offline purchases and they do not collect consumer data on these transactions.

But now, with this awesome service, they can.

You see, by registering online, I willingly and happily gave them information about me, their offline client. I gave them tracking capabilities. I gave them a valuable lead. They can now enhance their advertising ROI, create a personal customer journey tailored to my needs and extend their brand experience on so many levels.

To summarise.

Kryptonite created a an experience that serves brand and consumer alike, that is practical and pragmatic, that bridges the offline to online divide in a seamless and frictionless manner, leaving even me, a seasoned marketer, happy and in awe.

Kudos to Kryptonite.

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